Holistic education — nurturing the mind, body & spirit of each child.



At Whole Beings® we are inspired to create a movement in holistic education — where each child is organically nurtured toward finding their identity & purpose in life, make connections to our natural world, our community & practice spiritual values such as kindness, gratitude & peace (Miller, 1994). Each child is a unique being that learns & grows in a creative setting, where they can embrace limitless ideas & reveal their unlimited potential. Whole Beings® was founded by two sisters, both registered teachers, whose vision is to ignite children with a powerful sense of who they are, whilst embracing their naturally creative minds & spirits. 


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In the search for their own holistic education resources, founders Elysia & Nat realised that there wasn’t much out there that truly resonated in terms of creativity, innovation & holistic values. This sparked them to develop their own unique resources to compliment their teaching styles & visions. With such an overwhelming response to their Holistic Beings Membership they will soon offer a Commercial Membership for Early Years Settings. In late Jan 2019 Whole Beings® will launch their Foundation Year Curriculum Bundle - which is a holistic alternative to school online bundle.

Holistic Beings Membership

A monthly holistic education content bundle & weekly tutorial membership for children aged 3-6 years. Authentic holistic education approach & curriculum based content for parents as home educators.

Holistic Beings Commercial Membership

Whole Beings® Certified Membership for preschools & early childhood settings. Content bundle, Whole Beings® Holistic Curriculum Planning Documents & Official Commercial Member Certification.

Curriculum Bundles

Foundation Year Curriculum Bundle - 5-7 years. Holistic alternative to formalised schooling in the early years.

Holistic Store

Holistic education resources, mindfulness eBook, Slow & Mindful Practice Board™, workshops & pop-ups.


“What if learning could meet with lifestyle? — & children could get the sense that they can learn from anywhere.”

Whole Beings  |  March 2017



Two sisters embarked on this journey in October 2015 after completing postgraduate studies in Early Childhood Education & a combined 28 years specialising in Early Years settings. They felt that the research showed one thing but when in the field, practices just didn’t match up. This sparked ideas for their own holistic education studio - which was opened in February 2016. From then on these sisters took leaps & felt drawn to educational ‘unknowns’, voicing their holistic beliefs & visions. In January 2017 they launched their very first eBook Nurturing a Mindful Being™ - with an amazing response from their worldwide audience. March 2017, saw the release of their unique holistic education online membership & since then they have reveled in the growth of their vision! This same year they launched their innovative take on mindfulness, based on years of practice, in the form of the worlds first Slow & Mindful Practice Board™, which has now been sent to over 10 different countries & used in homes, preschools, schools & psychology practices internationally. Whole Beings® was founded on the belief that every child should be taught holistically, seeing sole focus on ‘academic’ intelligence as an outdated way to look at education. Through innovation, strong belief & Divine guidance these women are sharing a message that they wholeheartedly believe has the power to change the way the world thinks of education.

‘Mindfulness is a child’s natural state of being - our task as teachers and parents is to make sure their natural state is nurtured and never forgotten.’

- Whole Beings


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