Slow & Mindful Practice Board™

Slow & Mindful Practice Board™


Slow & Mindful Practice Board™

A creative, spirit-filling, hands-on way for your child to learn mindfulness.

This holistic product is a uniquely curated blend of the mindful practices taught in our programs over the past few years. A mindful learning resource with all the feels in mind.

The board is hand-crafted with icons to represent mindfulness, kindness, gratitude & self-love. The tones on the natural wood represent the earth, wildflowers & golden source of light. Semi-precious stones are the ‘tokens’ for magic seekers to hold as they practice.

Each icon represents a mindful practice to follow —

‘Today I sprinkle stardust in my heart. Think of something you love about yourself & place your stone on the stardust.’

The boards themselves are mindful at heart — ethically sourced & printed in Australia on sustainable wood with a plant based coating. The birth of this product came from many years of experience, practice, research & in slow, creative moments the concept showed up.

Our vision is for all children to take just a few moments each day to be mindful — impacting how they learn, play, regulate emotions & unveil their innate creativity. We believe in teaching children the power of the here & now. Revealing the peace that comes from slowing the mind — & relating that awareness to nature’s treasures, the sun, moon & stars. Can you imagine how the world would be if each child took a moment to sprinkle stardust in their heart, plant some gratitude & see the NOW as their light?

Product Bundle includes -

Slow & Mindful Practice Board

Instruction Card

Large Unbleached organic cotton bag

12 semi-precious tumbled stones with small cotton bag

Board specs 280 x 190 x 2.5mm

Slow the mind. Calm the body. Fill the spirit.

Beautiful Design By -

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