Nurturing A Mindful Being™ eBook

Nurturing A Mindful Being™ eBook


A Simple Guide to Slowing Down & Nurturing a Mindful Being™


A slow, conscious & intuitive approach to teaching children mindfulness is revealed for the first time by Whole Beings.

This guide simplifies a holistic grassroots approach to mindfulness and outlines very simple practices which are designed to 'plant mindful seeds' in your child's life. The practices will grow mindful gardens in your child's mind and are based on teachings from their unique in-studio programs that have been adapted for parents to use at home.

Nurturing a Mindful Being™ was developed by registered teachers using their self-created intuitive teaching approach. The science behind the practices and evidence based techniques are simplified for easy understanding - bridging the gap between science, teaching and spirit.

More about the eBook -

- 86 beautifully designed pages for easy reading.

- The mindful practices have been designed so that you won't need special products and can be implemented immediately.

- Includes an in home Slow and Mindful 8 week program, in a daily and weekly practice format.

- Whole Beings authentic mind, body, spirit approach.

- Mindful concepts include settling thoughts and slowing the mind, meditation, positive affirmations, kindness, gratitude, nature based mindfulness, creativity and Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Join the holistic education movement and nurture your child's natural state of being!


(This guide has been written to teach parents our mindful approach. It is also a useful teacher resource and may be used personally by teachers in their classrooms. For all other commercial inquiries please see terms of use and email



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