Whole Beings® is a privately owned, self-funded holistic education studio. All of our programs are run with a ratio of 1 teacher to a maximum of 4 children for the 3-5 age group & 1 teacher to 5 children for school aged children. Our authentic belief is that children learn, grow and make connections in intimate settings under the guidance of bachelor qualified teachers with holistic ethos.

Holistic Beings™ Program

Tu W Th 8.30-11a $58/session

Tu W 11.30-2p $58/session

M 8.30-10.30a $45/session



A holistic learning program for children aged 3.5-5, delivered by registered teachers. This program is designed to target each child’s individual learning and development needs with a holistic approach. We believe that the early years of a child's life are when a child's belief system is formed. We educate the mind, body and spirit through hands-on exploration, creative experiences and connecting to the natural world -- children will develop language, literacy, communication and social skills. Creative pre-writing and pre-reading experiences are embedded in the program. Holistic Beings™ is designed exclusively by Whole Beings®, it nurtures each child's spiritual growth, guides them to use kindness, gratitude, positive affirmations, meditation and EFT as a mindfulness tool.

*Limited availability -- Most classes are wait list only. By registering you will be placed on a waiting list or offered a spot which will require a deposit.

All payments are weekly via direct debit.



Slow Living Home Education Program

5-12 yrs

2018 Membership

Mon 8.30-12.30p $95 per child

Parent Collaboration Session Monthly



Slow Livers, Home Educators & Travellers

Our Slow Living Home Education Program is a unique holistic experience for children who are home educated or travelling. The program is on a membership basis which will include one session per week at our studio, as well as a monthly parent (home educator) collaboration session. The in-studio experience is designed exclusively by Whole Beings®, where creativity meets mindfulness and slow living. This membership is designed as an extra curricular experience and is facilitated by Registered Teachers who specialise in holistic and conscious education. Home educating reporting assistance is also available upon request.





Holistic Beings Online Content Bundle 



An online holistic content bundle for children aged 3-6 years, created by registered teachers. For the first time we are offering content from our in-studio Holistic Beings™ program online for parents, as home educators to use in their homes. We believe that the early years of a child's life are when a child's belief system is formed and children reveal their unlimited potential through a holistic approach to education. Holistic Beings™ educates the mind, body and spirit through hands-on exploration, creative experiences and connecting to the natural world. We put a huge focus on open-ended, mindful learning and hope to inspire this kind of education as a lifestyle. For the first time our community of holistic-minded folk can interact online directly related to the content, which will be moderated by teachers.

EFT for Children


Online Course available soon


A first seven years of a child's life is when a child's belief system is formed. For children to become resilient and mindful beings, we believe in using Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT. This energy mindfulness technique incorporates the acupressure points with psychology and affirmations. EFT is scientifically proven to reduce negative emotions, allowing for an openness to learn. Children practicing the technique have shown to be calmer, more creative and have higher levels of self-belief. Our teacher has been trained by Dr Peta Stapleton from Bond University in the technique. We believe that such a tool shown at a young age is the answer to living a calm, peaceful and mindful life.


Mindful Beings™ Program

Monthly Pop-Ups


Mindful Beings™ is designed for children to develop strong foundations in mindful living. Mindfulness is a well researched practice, proven to increase positive emotions, self-compassion and openness to learn. This program will explore a range of mindful experiences based on our self-developed, holistic approach to teaching mindfulness. We will explore mindful techniques that bring a child into the present moment, meditation, EFT, mindful play, creating and more. We believe mindfulness is a 'seed' we must plant, so that each child has the opportunity to live a calm and conscious life.


Creative Beings™ Program

W 3.30-5p

Cost $30 paid weekly via direct debit.


This program is all about channeling creative energy -- through creative play, craft, yoga, movement, affirmations and mindfulness.  We have developed our own teaching practices and style for this class, which will truly nurture their creative spirits. For ages 3-10yrs -- this program is for inspiring a child's naturally creative nature and nurturing values such as kindness, compassion and peace from within. 



Holistic Beings™ School Age Program

Tues 3.30-4.30p

This program runs term time.

Cost $30 via direct debit.






A holistic program for school-aged children, delivered by registered teachers. This after school program is an hour of holistic experiences that develop creativity,  emotional freedom and self-love. Our program is all about channeling our energy -- through creative experiences, movement, affirmations, meditation and mindfulness. Holistic Beings™ is designed exclusively by Whole Beings®, it nurtures each child's spiritual growth, guides them to use kindness, positive affirmations and EFT as a mindfulness tool. 

This program is now full, please register for the waiting list.



Private Holistic Tutoring

School Age

Cost --1:1 sessions are available for a cost of $80 per hour. Cost can be divided by two children upon request.



One on one holistic tutoring is available from the studio. The session is with a registered teacher using Whole Beings® exclusive holistic teaching practices. We believe in nurturing each child individually -- whether they are attending mainstream schooling or home educated we specialise in a more mindful approach to the content - where each child reveals their unlimited potential. We love to work closely with parents and make holistic learning a collaborative process, bridging the gap between a place of learning and a love of learning.