Our holistic approach to education.


Whole Beings Educational Approach ™

Holistic Innovation

‘A child’s organic ability to play with existing knowledge to create new ideas with a holistic disposition & outcome.’


‘To openly create without bounds in expression & thinking. Each child is a creative being who learns & grows in a creative environment.’


‘A child is part of the connection that is learning, family, community, planet & universe.’


‘A child who practices mindfulness welcomes awareness, resilience & flow.’


‘Each child is a unique being with a spirit that radiates love & Divine purpose.’


“We are bridging gaps between early years research & actual practice.”

Whole Beings |  April 2016


‘Children retain information but we must remember they also retain feelings. Allowing freedom to think, feel & be — is just as important as the knowledge we share.’

Organic Learning & flow.

At Whole Beings® we believe organic learning takes place when there are no predetermined outcomes or biases - when the child is truly free to leap into their own potential, connect their own dots & find their own definition of flow.

‘We are huge believers in allowing flow & activating creative thinking. For us there is no such thing as just an ‘art component’ that is a seperate subject. When you teach children — & this goes for in home learning also — they often ask ‘how’ we do something or ‘what do we do?’ Instead of a straight answer, directing them — we leave it open for their interpretation by saying ‘how do you think it could work?’ or ‘you can create whatever your mind dreams up’... and so on.. It can be easy to slip into ‘direction’ mode because we as the adult already have our own ideas — but we can’t forget that the learning process is for the child. Sometimes engagement can be challenging even if you have prepared the most beautiful experiences — but by showing up regularly using open words & a little less formal direction for creative tasks — over time children will truly learn what flow is — & amaze you with their creative ideas. The early years is about configuring imaginations — there’s no creative ‘wrongs’ in our eyes — the world literally depends on the creative thinking of our children — but we have to allow it first.’


The first 7 years.

‘We speak a lot about the first 7 years of a child’s life being ‘the download years’. Where children ‘download’ each & every experience into their subconscious mind. They have ‘no filter’ (analytical/reasoning mind) during these early years —downloading both positive & negative experiences without the processing skills we as adults have. We love Epigenetics researcher -Bruce Lipton in The Biology Of Belief, where he goes into depth on the science behind the concept. Basically skills, behaviours & habits are a direct result of our experiences. We always refer back to this knowledge when we create holistic experiences, as they quite literally shape who a child becomes. And that’s what holistic learning is — about a child finding their meaning & purpose in life. If we allow children to focus on what’s next & what they are ‘getting or doing’ in future tense — it’s what they will believe for most of their lives. BUT what if we teach children to focus on what they have in the here & now? Where they see the moon, sun & stars as treasure. Where they use their hands to create. Where they use their hearts to love & their eyes to seek wonder. It starts with us, as the teachers, parents & community — our role is to create the experiences that will literally shape the lives of future generations.’

The Opposite of Compliance is creation

‘Somewhere in the gap between mainstream & alternative is where we seemed to have put ourselves. Just over 2 years ago, we explained on the daily that we were trying to create a more fluid holistic approach, normalising it & fitting it in with what our lifestyles have become. Learning is not seperate from living. A program that doesn’t fit in a box & cannot be labeled or put down to just one theorist. ‘But what do you mean by that? — you have wooden toys & fairies — you must be Steiner? Or are you Montesssori?’ If you look into holistic education it can actually mean anything really that considers the ‘whole’ — we have created our own version of it & what it means to us. I suppose that our version is more present moment & we base our ‘curriculum’ on our own journey & findings. This has been an incredible ride. We have learnt SO much & continue to adapt & form new beliefs. I was reading a blog from @sethgodin & he described something that really resonated — ‘We were taught compliance from an early age. The opposite of compliance, we’re told, is failure.’ — that statement couldn’t be more true & has been so evident on the path we have chosen to take. With that in mind we are inspired to create new beliefs for our children — that the opposite of compliance is actually creation.’

‘Holistic education is about creating experiences that leave footprints on the mind, the body & the soul.’ - Whole Beings


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