‘Teach your child to see beauty, light, pattern & forms in everyday objects. It’s amazing how differently things appear when you really stop & take notice - a drastic shift into the present can be felt.’ — from Nurturing a Mindful Being

At Whole Beings® we offer an abundance of new-thought mindfulness resources.

Our online membership & mindfulness eBook is an amazing for parents & teachers to learn more about mindfulness & EFT.

Our Slow & Mindful Practice Board is a creative, spirit-filling, hands-on way for your child to learn mindfulness.




Whole Beings is one of the first specialised centers to offer Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for children. This energy mindfulness technique incorporates the acupressure points with psychology and affirmations. This holistic self-help tool has shown amazing results for children in all of our programs, assisting them to become emotionally resilient, confident and happy. Such a tool shown at a young age is the answer to living a calm, peaceful and mindful life. Whole Beings also offers EFT for adults, seeing phenomenal results.

'EFT works so well, it can be used in any situation and only takes 10 minutes of your day to see results. These results include stress reduction, self-regulation of emotions, emotional awareness and resilience, more gratitude, inner calmness, greater mental clarity and improved mood. Higher states of conscious awareness similar to those achieved during meditation, can also be attained by those practicing EFT daily.’