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Why Did We Create a Board? A Closer Look at our New Mindfulness Product.

Over many years we developed different ways of teaching mindfulness. First we introduced mindfulness as just words & thoughts — slowly finding that the children liked using something tangible to represent the practice. We started using crystals, gems, flowers, stones, nature, shakers, jars, bowls & whatever else presented itself in our daily routines. We realised that mindful teaching opportunities were literally everywhere & even the children came to us with ideas for our next ‘gratitude circle’. Seriously... it was such an organic evolution that unfolded right before our eyes.

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Teaching Emotions. Much More Than Faces on Flash Cards

Could teaching emotions be as simple as a deck of flash cards?...It’s a common resource in an early years classroom, flash cards with happy, excited, scared, sad and angry faces on them as part of a theme on ‘emotions’. Teaching a child to identify emotions can be taught in this manner. That is totally ok. However, in our experience a child can often be confused by such a black and white teaching practice as this is just touching on what emotions really are. We once had feedback that a usually happy child had begun talking about everything that made her angry. Her mother then realised that her kindergarten was focusing on one ‘emotion’ per week. As we know all children need to learn how to identify and express their emotions in order to manage them. However, teaching a child about emotions is a MUCH deeper concept and requires gentle exposure and practices.

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