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Why Did We Create a Board? A Closer Look at our New Mindfulness Product.

Over many years we developed different ways of teaching mindfulness. First we introduced mindfulness as just words & thoughts — slowly finding that the children liked using something tangible to represent the practice. We started using crystals, gems, flowers, stones, nature, shakers, jars, bowls & whatever else presented itself in our daily routines. We realised that mindful teaching opportunities were literally everywhere & even the children came to us with ideas for our next ‘gratitude circle’. Seriously... it was such an organic evolution that unfolded right before our eyes.

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Why We Shouldn't Be Afraid To let Children Be Bored

As adults a break from Instagram was a huge eye opener as to how little we allow our minds to slow down. Actually slow down. Even as someone conscious of mindfulness & slow living — I realised that I would fill a lot of the days voids & breaks scrolling or flicking between emails, apps & messages. It was purely habitual. I only truly noticed it once I had given it all up. Waiting for coffee, in a line or when you stop the car even after driving for only a little while -- what do you do — go for a scroll on Instagram to fill the blanks.

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