Breathing Life into Learning

If we really want to breathe more ‘life’ into ‘learning’ — children must be involved in purposeful, real world & hands on use of information. That requires us as teachers to be more open to adaptation, changes in thinking & letting go of outcomes. We have all the ideas in our heads but it’s not our turn, it’s theirs. To give birth to a creative teaching approach we should spend time developing experiences that will make the whole child actually ‘feel’ something. With that ‘feel’ we bring deeper levels of understanding — which is how children interpret & navigate the world. Materials that spark visualisation. Source facts that spark wonder. Use language that sparks innovation. Inspire leaps with our enthusiasm. And guide attention to the processes, over what’s next in the schedule. That’s why we call our ‘lessons’ ‘learning experiences’ because we are not merely here to relay facts & fulfil outcomes — we are creating experiences that will impact their definition of ‘lifelong learning.’ Creating a passion for learning & hopefully creating beliefs that ‘learning’ is not separate to ‘life’.

Elysia Keillah