Why Did We Create a Board? A Closer Look at our New Mindfulness Product.

Over many years we developed different ways of teaching mindfulness. First we introduced mindfulness as just words & thoughts — slowly finding that the children liked using something tangible to represent the practice. We started using crystals, gems, flowers, stones, nature, shakers, jars, bowls & whatever else presented itself in our daily routines. We realised that mindful teaching opportunities were literally everywhere & even the children came to us with ideas for our next ‘gratitude circle’. Seriously... it was such an organic evolution that unfolded right before our eyes. The children responded so wonderfully to thoughtful practices which were then affirmed & (finalisied in a way) with an act of doing. In those affirming acts of doing, using something energetically & tangibly beautiful — the mindful practices were made even more powerful.

By practicing mindfulness, gratitude, kindness & self love — the children had been wiring these practices into their minds — which then started to become part of their ‘identity’.

As Dr Joe Dispenza says nerve cells in the brain ‘fire & wire’ together. The children were literally ‘firing & wiring’ a positive & inspiring program into their brains every time they practiced. ‘Thoughts produce a biochemical reaction in the brain — which then acts like a messenger to the body, impacting how we feel.’

Mindfulness became a daily rehearsal in their mind, which over time, created the ‘feeling’ for the child. A feeling of gratitude, calm or self-love — depending on what practices were used most often.

These were the building blocks to create an innovative way for children to practice mindfulness. We wanted to include as many of the practices we believed impacted their behaviours. It needed to be visual, hand-on & honour all the feels. Children responded so well to the practices when we used ‘natural treasures’. It’s like they organically became more mindful when they could see & feel these objects. So that’s part of how the medium became a slice of nature — what we believed was the most powerful, yet easy resource for children to use. It needed to be beautifully designed, yet have a big purpose & message ingrained!

This holistic education resource is now being sent all over the world. Our hearts are blessed in the knowing that children are literally shaping their identities by using this daily. The more mindful our children become, the more whole, happy & inspired they feel. It’s our way of passing on what we know & have learnt from teaching young children mindfulness & a way we can grow the roots for social change.