Structures, Beliefs & 'Cultural Creatives'

Which theorist do you follow? Where do you get your ideas? Why aren’t you a day care? Our version of holistic education is fluid & evolving constantly. There isn’t a catalogue, single theory or a set structure we follow — which is so liberating after many years as people existing within those structures. We chose not to be government funded so we could honour our beliefs. Today I watched a YouTube interview with @brucelipton the ever inspiring quantum physicist, who was talking about a movement of ‘cultural creatives’. Basically we can’t fix our earth with the same beliefs that started the problems our world faces — so we have to create new ones! The beliefs we all run on were created in the first 7 years of our life, but how much has changed since then?! That’s why a movement of ‘cultural creatives’ is needed — to create new ideas for our world & look beyond current structures. We actually get so excited to think that there are many like-minded people out there & this year a quantum physicist won Australian of the year. It’s so amazing that the mainstream is recognising that ‘energy’ which is also called ‘spirit’ actually exists. We feel so inspired to create new beliefs for the generation we are educating. To teach them without limiting their thinking because of structure. Also, thank you to @mindheartconnect for sending that video out in your newsletter & being part of bridging the science & spirit gap. Here’s to all the cultural creatives out there — breaking through norms with inspired action x