A 36 Hour Trip To Sydney -- Fast, Slow & Sunshine For The Soul

Early bird flight, bag drop & a fast-paced hunt for coffee before the Hay House Writers Workshop. The prettiness of the harbour on a warm & sunny winter Saturday sparks a feeling of inner gratitude for a safe flight, beautiful country & how much life has changed in the last 18 months. From the inner work I have been doing lately, I slow down & naturally feel presence in the moment. I understand how you can miss moments. I spent a lot of my younger years travelling to places but missing simple moments because of future plans. Today I bask in the sunshine with my sister & mumma while we drink coffee together & laugh. I actually forget about the purpose of the weekend because of the state of my mind being in the present. How much I have changed from focusing on the next destination -- to noticing the magic in the right here, right now.

The workshop is actually amazing & inspires & confirms so much. My love for Louise Hay stems back 14 years ago to a lost young woman who was seeking something much more than going out drinking with friends. Yes I did that too but in my heart I knew that I had a purpose. 'You Can Heal Your Life' changed my belief system drastically. I said to Nat at the time that more young people need to know about this life-changing book. This would be a 'seed planted in the Universe' for me. 6 months later I met my life partner & began what I now see as 'preparation for my purpose'. This would involve travel, study, people & experiences that taught me SO much. I have gratitude for each & every one because it has lead me to this moment.

So heading to the Hay House Writers Workshop had great significance for me. I realised how far I have come & how much starting Whole Beings has allowed me to live with higher purpose. My business has conscious learning, gratitude, kindness, mindfulness & self-healing in the job description -- how blessed I feel. I have many ideas for what I want to write about, but that doesn't really matter. What I took away from the workshop above all was -- write from the heart. With that in mind -- I now feel inspired, unafraid of judgment & an opportunity in my life to share the thoughts & beliefs that make up Whole Beings.

On Sunday morning we woke to the prime minister addressing the nation. The people involved grew up here. There has never been a more important time to change the way we look at education. More focus on love & less on fear. Louise Hay herself once said 'I wish the children could be taught early on that our thinking creates our experience.' If more children have a deeper sense of self-love, how the mind actually works & emotional intelligence, we have a much greater chance of peace in our world.

We spend the afternoon snacking in cafes, chatting & reflecting on life. The city is busy, but we remain grounded in creative thoughts & self-realisations. Today I woke up & wrote from the heart -- what a feeling that is -- like sunshine for the soul.

Elysia x