What do we actually mean by creative? Is it all just art, craft & play?

After 12 years of private school, I would have to say that I was led to believe that being creative meant 'good at art'. It wasn't until I was well into my late 20s that I realised that there was so much more to being 'creative'. For me, using creative thinking and tapping into your naturally creative energy source is just as important as processing academic content and you don't have to be able to draw or paint to consider yourself a creative person.

School – wasn’t overly for me, it seemed to dull my naturally creative ways and intuition (although it did give me much needed academic skills I would use later). Looking back, I was mostly just told if I was right or wrong -- well behaved or badly behaved, clever or not? I remember there was a group that would get taken from the class called 'Gifted & Talented' -- did that mean if you weren't in that group, you weren't? As a child you automatically download this stuff into your subconscious mind and it usually stays there. I saw a school advertising for a Gifted & Talented teacher the other day -- I was astounded that this still exists.

At that time I didn't know that there was such a thing as 'creative thinking' -- which I really wish I did. I wish someone had told me there was such a thing as being creative, even though you weren't that great at drawing or painting. My saving grace was having my families backing in becoming who I wanted to be and live a life where I could dream and create. Luckily for me I was able to dabble in lots of creative outlets after school. However, at school it seemed like because I wasn't 'amazing' at them, I couldn't pursue them and I wasn't a creative person. And that's just that.

Eventually becoming a teacher -- (because that was a 'good' job to have) it was then I started recognising this creative intuition or force. It was time to follow this creative spark. My sister and I were both on a very similar journey -- we had travelled, explored, had a passion for fashion, design and spirituality. Both lovers of nature, holistic healing and music -- we made the decision to combine our personal journey into our teaching, even though it was unknown territory and didn’t actually exist yet. It had taken another 12 years since leaving school to finally recognise the journey we were on and how creative we actually were -- even though we still couldn't draw!!!! So for us creativity is a way of thinking and a way of living your life. It is an intuition you follow and truly a gift from the Universe/God/Creator/Source. Following your creative nature doesn’t mean you don’t need academic intelligence, it just means that education needs to start acknowledging that one can’t exist without the other.


Can children be educated in a way that would truly set them up to be who they really are and destined to become?

There is so much about becoming a 'lightworker' or 'pursuing our passion' in today's society.... It seems as though this is because it has somehow been lost between childhood and adulthood. Maybe we should just go back to basics and hand children tools that will ensure that these creative thinking skills, energies and passions don't get lost? It sounds super simple right? The reality is that sometimes children's creative energy/thinking/intuition does get lost along the way and unfortunately not all of us are able to get it back during adulthood.

This is why our vision is to ignite children with a powerful sense of who they are, whilst embracing their naturally creative minds and spirits. A holistic approach to learning doesn't mean that you have to take away academic skills -- it just means you include creative and spiritual practices in this approach to learning. Acknowledging social and emotional wellbeing, spiritual values and creative intuition -- allows children to OWN their identity and celebrate the unique gift they are to this world.

So when we talk creative -- yes it does involve arts, crafts and creative play. But creative for us is also so much more…

Love & creativity