Steiner, Montessori, Reggio? Let's Talk Holistic Approaches

What exactly do you follow at Whole Beings?

When people enter Whole Beings, they see a unique studio style space filled with creative learning stations, designed for prompt immersion by the entering child. Some will notice elements of Steiner philosophy, there will be natural wood materials and fantasy play. Montessori inspired learning can be seen as puzzles, patterning or real world experiences, such as involving the children in the nurturing of our plants. Let's not forget Reggio Emilia where the environment allows for child-led learning through experiences of touching, listening and observing. Which can honestly be seen throughout the entire space.

So what approach does Whole Beings actually follow?

We would have to say all of the above approaches are embedded in our programs, yet we aren't regimented to one particular approach. The amazing theories that were developed in the early 20th century by these inspirational humans, is something that us as teachers have studied and taken distinct elements from each of them when developing the beliefs, identity and curriculum for Whole Beings.

We feel our direction and purpose is to modernize these approaches and build our own holistic style of educating today's children. In a way we have been inspired by these beliefs, simplified them and put them into practices that blend with the current style of our culture.

We believe there is not a one size fits all in education, even if it is holistic and a single approach to learning restricts growth. We think that if we followed a single theorist, the individual learner would miss opportunities to thrive. Can we just say we have taken the best parts of each? Learning through living is a phrase that we use in our practices and we believe that the best learning takes place in a creative, unrestricted setting where we can embrace limitless ideas that target the 'whole child'.

A blend of holistic elements which are used to educate a child don't need to be labelled and scrutinized, they just need to be practiced. Massive changes in our society have taken place since these theories were developed. We have designed our programs to suit the flexible lifestyles that people live and made our education centre as accessible as a coffee shop in a local area.

If we can empower each child to be confident, creative, intelligent and reveal their unlimited potential, they will change the world. We call them 'Whole Beings'.

Stay tuned for our next blog about the mindfulness techniques we love at Whole Beings.

Love & Kindness

Whole Beings x