Planting Seeds. Mindfulness + Change.

Planting seeds.

We've all heard the saying 'it's easier to build strong children than repair broken adults' & it's safe to say that we all agree on that. But let's talk about what we are ACTUALLY doing to build children that are strong enough? How do holistic approaches help?

Mental health awareness is bigger than ever & it's an issue that needs to be eradicated from our society. Mainstream medicine may have a time & place, but it isn't dealing with the root cause -- it's like a circle game. To really change what is happening, we have to work together & build a generation of peaceful, mindful & resilient little humans. We need to inspire the next generation not to come from a place of fear, but rather a place filled with creative, loving & peaceful energy. If we can 'plant seeds' by handing them special tools that will maintain their happy, kind & friendly natures -- we will change what is happening somewhere in between childhood & adulthood & making our fellow humans suffer. It's not something that is unattainable, these seeds can be anything that makes children calm, mindful, think creatively & feel happiness within. At Whole Beings we love visualisation, meditation, yoga, positive affirmations & EFT when it comes to nurturing these little beings. Just by simply showing children these holistic practices, we are setting them up for becoming adults that are powerful & safe in their own skin.

There isn't one recipe to nurture a child's mind & spirit. It's about creating an awareness of the importance of holistic approaches & techniques. 'Mindfulness' is not just a trendy hashtag thrown around on Instragram. It's an actual awareness that is key to mental & spiritual contentment. Our wish is to have every child practice some kind of mindfulness based practice daily.

You can start at home by getting creative & finding you own holistic rhythm with your child. It's also powerful when you are the role model for your child & practice these techniques personally. You may just take a few minutes of your time to try out these 5 mindfulness based strategies with your child:

1. Start the day with a positive affirmation or intention -- 'I love being me'.  You may even want to create your own affirmation card together or simply state it lovingly into the mirror.

2. Get in the kitchen & chop up some citrus fruit or fresh herbs -- discuss with your child the smell, taste & feel of each. Give them enough time to be present & ponder their thoughts.

3. Create your own meditation story by simply getting them to close their eyes & take them on a journey to a magical or real-life place you can both relate to.

4. 'Salute the Sun' together or practice some fun yoga poses with values such as -- warrior/brave, tree/peaceful, downward dog/happy, mountain/kind & bridge/strong.

5. Go on a nature walk together -- feel the earth on your soles, collect nature goodies, read the clouds, look at the stars... the possibilities are endless.

Know that even the smallest seed you plant will bloom one day.

Love & peace,

WB x