Whole Beings was founded on the belief that holistic education, which nurtures the child as a whole, is how each child should be taught. Two sisters began this journey after a combined 24 years of experience in early childhood, completion of bachelor degrees and postgraduate studies, which left them wanting to be more than just focused on academic tuition. They turned to where their own grass roots were, with beliefs that the mind, body and spirit of each child should be nurtured and that one doesn’t exist without the other.

Whole Beings maintains a balance of style, design and aesthetics, which is yet to be incorporated with modern education, reflecting the owner’s own passion for all things local, edgy and unique. Their branding is based on peace, gratitude and the growth of a child, reflected through a sprout to lotus icon.

Through connections to the natural world, the community and values such as compassion, gratitude and peace, each child is inspired to be all they can be.